Four Corners – Aim for Eternity

The goal in web design should be to aim for eternity. Anything later than that is quite simply, outdated. User preferences, screen resolutions and window widths have to change as fast as browsers and devices change. Web design layout and applications have to change as fast as social media changes. Web design needs to respond to the changes in the times in order to be effective and relevant.

Four Corners however, doesn’t just respond to the times. Four Corners has become the sign of the times. For 12 years, the company has led its 200 strong globe-spanning clientele to the award-winning rewards of aiming for eternity in web design, application development and integrated services. The company’s name has become the benchmark for creating and discovering infinite possibilities in providing end-to-end solutions in web development, which include web application development, responsive web design, corporate branding, e-marketing and system maintenance services.

Four Corners are also, not surprisingly, the winners in the Category of E-business and Commerce in the 2012 ‘e-Swabhimani Awards’, Sri Lanka’s national award for recognizing digital excellence. Other awards bagged by the company recently include the Grammy or Oscar equivalent of web-design, the Webby Award, in the Political and Personal Website category.

In addition to gathering accolades, the company is also gathering the best minds in the industry on to its panel of experts, the most recent addition being young tech genius, Sheran Corera, who was recently appointed Chief Technical Officer of Four Corners.

Together with Corera, the company has kicked off its revolution of digital possibilities as if 2013 has already come and gone. So if you want to be a sign of the times in the way you use ICT in your business, aim for eternity with Four Corners.

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