Analyze. Learn. Design. Develop. Execute.

SaaS and Cloud Application Development

We understand how to design, develop, implement and deploy world-class fail-safe cloud and SaaS architected application solutions. We also understand how to architect administrative capabilities into these solutions, including: billing, accounting, reporting and more.

Joint Product Development

Do you have a great product idea but lack the software competency to make the product a reality? We offer joint product development to our clients on a selective basis, where we work collaboratively to build the next big thing to hit the technology age and help clients build the product they envision.

Offshore Software Development

From analysis to execution, we provide full lifecycle coverage of software development and deployment. Our product suite ranges from desktop web, mobile, SaaS, Cloud to custom developed enterprise applications for some of the largest clients across the world.

Sharepoint and Intranet Development

With extensive experience developing applicaitons and services around the SharePoint platform, we provide customize solutions in the form of intranet portals, document & file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search, and business intelligence. We also provide system integration, process integration, and workflow automation to further integrate the development efforts with client business endeavours.

Managed Services and Dedicated Teams

Outsource your IT division to a dedicated team of industry experts so you can concentrate on your core business. From individual consultants to dedicated offshore development teams to onsite client support personnel, we can build a custom resource team that simply works for you! Benifits include reduced overhead, lesser risk, specialized experience on-demand and increased efficiency and productivity.

Software Support and Maintenance

We believe that software development is not merely a one-time delivery. Support and maintenance is the constant caregiving process that developers and other stakeholders engage in after the delivery of a solution. Your requirement may be to troubleshoot, resolve issues and bugs, perform a comprehensive security audit or even upgrade the software to a different technology platform. Whatever the requirement maybe we can effectively 'support' the solution as and when needed, effectively.

SEO, SEM, Social Media Optimization and Online Marketing

Our SEO campaigns follow a 3-tier approach to ensure maximum results. First, we focus on site content and optimization to ensure a site looks good, functions well and is optimized for search. Next, we build the site’s presence around the Internet step by step. Month by month, you will know the status of your campaign with us through custom reports analytics and targeted campaigns.

Design and User Experience

At Four Corners, we boast multiple teams specializing in graphic editing and creation, user experience modelling and cutting-edge design to provide the best experiences for the best clients. Through extensive user interface prototyping and evaluation of customer requirements, we are able to design user interfaces that speak to the human interface.